FileCatalyst / Dropbox Integration

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With the Dropbox and FileCatalyst integration, you can add Dropbox as an External File System in FileCatalyst Direct server. This enables you to leverage UDP accelerated file transfer with your Dropbox content using any FileCatalyst client applications including Hotfolder for automated transfers and TransferAgent for browser based transfers. Once files are accelerated into Dropbox, you can share the files. FileCatalyst guarantees file delivery while reducing transfer bottlenecks, and providing an extensive toolkit on top of your storage.

  • Multi-Gigabit transfers into Dropbox storage

  • Files remain accessible through Dropbox on desktop and online

  • Use FileCatalyst clients for automation, web portals, and REST API

  • Build customizable web portals on top of your Dropbox files

  • Add Centralized monitoring to your Dropbox workflows



Improve Your File Transfer Speeds with Dropbox Content

Significantly increase transfer speeds with your Dropbox content with the new FileCatalyst integration.
NOTE: When submitting your request, be sure to mention Dropbox in the description

Integration Overview

Dropbox is the world’s first smart workspace, providing easy-to-use sharing, collaboration and content management solutions for individuals and teams. With the new integration with FileCatalyst Direct v3.8, you can now transfer your Dropbox files at accelerated rates, through the power of UDP. In addition, you gain access to the entire FileCatalyst application suite which offers automation, customizable/brandable web portals, ad-hoc transfers, and centralized monitoring and administration, all at accelerated speeds.

FC Client Application into Dropbox

How It Works


To achieve accelerated file transfer into Dropbox, FileCatalyst Direct Server is installed on any machine (VM or bare metal) that is in close proximity to the Dropbox data center. This ensures the lowest possible latency between FileCatalyst and your Dropbox files. FileCatalyst Direct Server is then authorized to access your Dropbox files via OAuth. FileCatalyst Direct Server handles the communication with your Dropbox files via the Dropbox SDK on the low latency network, while file transfers over the highest latency use UDP acceleration.

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