Business Activity Monitoring for GoAnywhere

Gain invaluable, real-time insight into your file transfers with BAM. The Business Activity Monitoring Dashboard, or BAM, is a third party product from Accolm that GoAnywhere customers can use to gain extra visibility into their data movements.

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What is BAM?

This web-based application gives users a self-service option for tracking file transfers in your GoAnywhere MFT setup. Create easy-to-use dashboards broken down by business process, procedure, or department for your heaviest GoAnywhere users, and give time back to your administrators and support staff.




Self-Service Portal (SSP)

Give your external partners access to file transfer tracking information with the Self-Service Portal (SSP) dashboard. Your trading partners can use the SSP to:

  • Search for file transfers and determine their status
  • Track files as they move from A to B
  • Monitor the status for successful or failed transfers

Organizations use the SSP to give their trading partners instant, on demand access to file transfer status information. This user-friendly tool gives your trading partners an easy, efficient way to determine file transfer status, and can be configured to provide notifications for priority transfers.

Why Use BAM?

BAM is a third party feature that enhances the visibility of GoAnywhere MFT’s built-in, customizable dashboard and gives organizations more options to share file transfer information with internal stakeholders and external trading partners.

Monitor Multiple GoAnywhere Deployments

BAM offers a sweeping overview of file transfer activity across deployments, for comprehensive insight from one dashboard. Organizations with multiple GoAnywhere deployments use BAM to monitor all of their deployments from a centralized dashboard.

Business Activity Monitoring for GoAnywhere

BAM MFT Transactions Log | GoAnywhere | Click to expand

Benefits of BAM

Organizations opt for BAM to:

  • Provide a user-friendly file tracking experience
  • Save time by providing self-service capabilities
  • Send notifications about file transfers

The BAM dashboard offers users an overview of recent file transfer transactions, notifications, and trends.

Business Activity Monitoring for GoAnywhere

BAM MFT File Transfer Dashboard | GoAnywhere | Click to expand

How Organizations Use BAM

Opening the MFT Black Box

Organizations use BAM to give key stakeholders more insight into – what can be – the MFT Black Box. Rather than requesting status updates from GoAnywhere administrators, users can quickly and easily search for and track their crucial file transfers. This often saves IT teams time and reduces the number of ad-hoc status requests these teams receive.

Proactive Troubleshooting

BAM can also be used to monitor transfers. One organization uses BAM for, among other tracking tasks, notifying administrators of impending SLA failures. Thanks to the proactive notifications, the organization can resolve SLA transfers that would otherwise fail and ensure that users are receiving critical data in a timely manner.

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