FileCatalyst for Java Developers



FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President, John Tkaczewski, presents viewers with an in-depth look at FileCatalyst from a developer’s perspective. This webinar provides an overview of how to build a fully functional file transfer application using the FileCatalyst Client Java API and NetBeans.

What & How

The Development Kit is the foundation of our products; if you own any qualifying products, the Development Kit may be licensed as an add-on. For standalone development, the SDK is typically added on to FileCatalyst Direct; however, some components are designed to interact with FileCatalyst Workflow.

Our well-documented API gives access to every method needed to establish a connection to a FileCatalyst Server for accelerated file transfers. With a few short lines of code, you can be underway. Default values are used for most functions, with a full range of method calls allowing you to access advanced features.


If you are a current FileCatalyst user that would like to build your application leveraging our file transfer acceleration, this webinar will show you the process, how to get started, and present some considerations to be aware of when making an app with our SDK.