Bristol Hospital Takes No Risks with Sensitive Data

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Bristol Hospital uses Secure File Transfer

Delivering the best possible experience for its patients is very important to Bristol Hospital. In addition to receiving excellent care, patients need to trust that the hospital is also protecting their health records and other sensitive data. GoAnywhere from Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] has allowed Bristol Hospital to ensure that trust with strong data encryption, authentication and audit trails.

Mission Critical Data

Data security is a necessity when it comes to patient data and other HIPAA related information. Every day, Bristol Hospital exchanges information with dozens of doctors, insurance companies, billing systems and vendors. This data includes a variety of sensitive information including health care records, purchase orders and claim information. GoAnywhere has enabled Bristol Hospital to automate and secure the transfer of this information on a timely basis. This has saved significant time and money by removing the need for manual transfer processes and courier services.

Bristol Hospital also needed a solution that could easily convert data from their Health Care Information System (HCIS) into various data formats (for example, text, CSV, Excel) and readily share it with trading partners. An assortment of PC tools may have produced the same results, but Bristol Hospital knew that copying sensitive data from their main system to PCs was a data security risk. With GoAnywhere, they were able to protect this data by keeping all the conversion, encryption and transfer functions centralized on their main system.

The Right Solution

GoAnywhere is relied upon to perform a wide range of managed file transfer functions at the hospital. Most routine functions are scheduled on a daily basis, but the role-based access of the solution allows users to run ad-hoc transfers (for which they are authorized) when needed.

"The clean dashboard interface provides a heads-up summary of GoAnywhere's file transfer activity and audit logs," says Jorge A. Machado, Manager of Applications, Programming and Systems Integration. "It is a very intuitive application that required very little training to use."

With more sophisticated attacks occurring throughout the internet each day, Bristol Hospital takes no risks when it comes to securing their sensitive data transfers. Not only are all data connections and VPN tunnels encrypted, but the files themselves are encrypted before transmission. GoAnywhere easily satisfies these dual encryption needs with support for popular standards including Open PGP, Secure FTP over SSL and SSH, ZIP with AES and HTTPS.

Platform Adaptability -- Already Included

Staying at the forefront of technology is important in the healthcare industry. Bristol Hospital is no exception. As part of their on-going IT strategy, the hospital is planning to change their hardware platform over the next couple years.

Bristol Hospital was pleased to learn GoAnywhere is platform independent, allowing it to run on IBM i (iSeries), Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and many other operating systems; thus maintaining the initial investment and leveraging existing knowledge.

About Bristol Hospital

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Bristol Hospital is committed to providing the best patient experience in the greater Bristol, Connecticut area. Bristol Hospital's 134-bed, full-service health care institution provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care.

Bristol Hospital has maintained a proud health care tradition in a setting that is comfortable, caring and close to home. From maternity, women's diagnostics, and emergency services to rehabilitation, and oncology, their commitment is to provide a variety of services and outstanding quality care to their patients and their families.

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