What is PCI DSS compliance?

PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard, a regulation created to increase controls over cardholder data and reduce fraud. It applies to any organization that processes credit or debit cards. While PCI compliance has been shown to protect businesses against data breach, the majority of organizations today do not achieve and maintain compliance.

Compliance Requirements:

The PCI standard currently consists of 12 main requirements and over 200 sub-requirements. Key concerns of the standard include encrypting data in transit and at rest, controlling access to cardholder data, and maintaining secure systems and networks. The challenge with PCI is often interpreting how each requirement applies to your unique IT environment.

Managed File Transfer and PCI:

The right software solutions can greatly simplify compliance with PCI DSS. To ensure your data transfers are PCI compliant, implement a managed file transfer (MFT) solution.  MFT provides encryption and secure file transfer protocols, controls access to sensitive data, and generates the reports you need for a compliance audit. PCI compliance requirements will continue to evolve, but by implementing robust solutions, your organization can meet current requirements while laying a strong foundation for future security enhancements.

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GoAnywhere MFT PCI Compliance Guide

GoAnywhere MFT PCI Compliance Guide


Beyond FTP: Securing and Managing File Transfers

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS Compliance with Managed File Transfer


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