Bruce Collins, Senior Manager of Applications | AAA Cooper Transportation


AAA Cooper Transportation

With customers around the country exchanging shipping records, order forms, and more, Bruce Collins from AAA Cooper Transportation needed a solution that would protect those files in motion, and that would help his team streamline their workflows to save time and money.


My name is Bruce Collins. I work for AAA Cooper Transportation. We're a trucking company based out of Dothan, Alabama. I'm the senior manager of applications. I handle all software that is dealt with at our company.

Security is really … customers are requiring that. They don't want their sensitive data to be exposed. As you know, there are a lot of hackers and a lot of people that have stolen data and used it against people, so security is foremost in our minds.

Customers have account data that we send across to them. They have orders coming in daily and so those orders need to be reflected back to them that they're completed or they're still outstanding. A lot of these orders have very sensitive information with them and so that's why we use the GoAnywhere product.

Well, of all of the managed file transfer [software] we looked at, [GoAnywhere] had better scripting, better capabilities on the iSeries for us to use it, and it was secure, and that was a big key factor. A lot of our customers didn't want their data to be flowing across an unsecure environment, so that's why we chose it. In fact, we have one customer that, if we had not had the ability to do secure FTP, we would not have that customer.

We use – I can't tell you how many – hundreds of batches that go out to customers that we send, and what we love about it is that we can schedule it. We don't have to touch it. It does it. And if there's any problem, it reports back to us so we don't have to watch it every day. It just does its thing and just runs.

If it wasn't for GoAnywhere, we wouldn't have the ability to be able to securely transmit, easily, to our customers. Yeah, we could write things. We could script things. But it's one of those things that it's an administrative nightmare. We set it up and we forget it.

It would probably cost me another person just sitting there, watching these things on a daily basis and making sure everything ran through, validating, getting logs off and looking at that. With GoAnywhere, it's really easy. You just go up there and you … if it's red, it didn't go through, and it will alert you. We have four or five people that can do it – very nice.

Oh, Linoma [now Fortra] is great. You know, we have their Surveyor 400 product which is heavily used in our shop and their tech support is great. If their tech support wasn't great, you could easily move to another product. But when we call, we get rapid response.

Great product, great support! What else could you ask for?