Aframe: Providing Positive Experiences Through Accelerated File Transfers


Aframe is a powerful video collaboration platform in which team members can manage and store their high-resolution, multi-format professional video and broadcast masters. Aframe’s cloud infrastructure allows globally dispersed teams to collaborate cross platform to leverage their video content and maximize its value and potential reach. By creating a central point in the workflow, Aframe streamlines acquisition, media asset management, content creation, and delivery into one phase. Aframe provides a real-time central hub into which video can be tagged, shared, reviewed, and approved, which allows global teams to focus on the highest quality content, and complete productions in record time.


Whether for television, film, news, sports, commercials, or corporate, global collaborators have, in the past, shared their production video files one by one over HTTP, or sent files through FTP using a third party client (Cyberduck, Filezilla, etc.). Transferring large video files (80GB+ single files) over these outdated methods caused latency and bloated transfer times, as well as lengthy dropouts in the client connection, which triggers a premature ingest of assets. Aframe’s users also wanted increased transfer security using AES or a similar standard.


The FileCatalyst API was embedded into the Aframe desktop app, which talks to the FileCatalyst server instances housed in Aframe’s private data centres. Users can set up watch folder workflows to both upload and download to and from their Aframe projects, using accelerated UDP file transfer technology. All data structures are now preserved, and data is encrypted in transit using the AES 128-bit standard, and this transfer is completed in excellent time.


FileCatalyst removes many of the challenges Aframe’s clients experienced, which are inherent in creating modern video content. By providing instant online access to footage at every stage in video content creation Aframe’s clients can remove the traditional silos, complexity, and cost of managing high-resolution video, thus enabling faster and more fluid collaboration. Depending on network conditions (firewalls, ISP network shaping, etc.), Aframe’s clients have seen increased speed in transfer, due to the integration of FileCatalyst. The controlled connection FileCatalyst provides also allows Aframe’s servers to be certain of when to trigger the ingest process, ensuring total data integrity from the source, all the way to completion. Users of Aframe are conscious that it is a professional tool for secure rapid global transfer of large video files.