Banco Bolivariano Case Study | Fortra's GoAnyywhere

Banco Bolivariano Automates and Secures 1,000+ Processes for Sending Files to Clients with GoAnywhere MFT


Banco Bolivariano is one of the most important financial institutions in Ecuador. The company used a custom-developed tool to manage its file transfers to clients, other banks, credit card processors, and internal areas of the bank. After some years of use, the tool stopped being able to support the high volume of transactions the bank manages, so they looked for a better alternative. After evaluating seven different solutions and conducting a short proof of concept with Fortra, they decided to implement GoAnywhere MFT.

Watch the following video in which Miguel Salazar, Deputy Manager of Technological Architecture at Banco Bolivariano, explains in his own words how they now automate and secure more than 1,000 file transfer processes, thanks to GoAnywhere MFT. You will hear about the process of selecting and implementing the tool, what challenges were presented, how they were solved, the benefits obtained, and future plans for the tool.

Discover how, thanks to GoAnywhere MFT, Banco Bolivariano was able to:

  • Automate more than 1,000 file transfer processes and related tasks
  • Improve transfer times and manage a greater number of transfers, even simultaneously
  • Encrypt and audit the information sent to clients, banks, and credit card processors
  • Register online self-management portals for clients
  • Comply with PCI DSS and other industry regulations
  • Integrate transfers to Amazon Web Services and other applications
  • Improve the security of the information sent by email and shared files
  • And much more

Please note that this video is only available in Spanish.