Paul Clark, CIO | Braum's Ice Cream


Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Stores

With 280 retail stores, managing ACH and positive pay transactions efficiently and securely with the banks was a critical priority for Paul Clark's team, who had been handling those processes manually on a Windows server. GoAnywhere has allowed them to move everything to the IBM i and automate file transfers with CL programs

Transcript of Interview with Paul Clark, CIO

We sell ice cream and dairy products at our own stores. We have 280 stores currently. We have been in business since 1968, with about 12,000 employees.

Why did you need a new file transfer solution?

Originally we had to interface with the banks for ACH and for positive pay purposes. We were doing that through a Windows server using PGP through Windows. We had to download the files to Windows, and then encrypt and transmit them. So were looking for something to do that better from the iSeries side. So we found GoAnywhere Director and started to write CL programs that actually kick off the whole process and send it all to the bank and it's all done, and we know that it completed successfully.

How does GoAnywhere save you time?

To start with it took us a little while because you had to write flags out so the Windows servers could determine that it was ready to download a file and the you had to manually make sure that it processed and worked. Now it's all done through CL programs on the 400. It does the downloads, it sends it to the bank to see if it's correct. If it's not correct, I get a message saying I need to redo it. And the uploads, the same thing. It comes up and uploads and processes reports, gives them to accounting and they're happy.

What do you like best about GoAnywhere?

I think there's three things: the easy use, the maintenance, getting support for it, and the reliability of it. I just think they're all three critical