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FileCatalyst & Ichthys Genomics


Ichthys Genomics is a KST family company that is a subsidiary company of “Korea Science and Technology” and develops, as well as distributes, genetic analysis-based disease research/diagnosis SW. Ichthys Genomics provides a genome analysis platform called Caleb that allows people to perform genome analysis quickly and efficiently.


When working with genomics, files sizes are staggering, reaching multiple terabytes for a single genome sample. Ichthys Genomics works with files of this size on a regular basis, and they are receiving these files from labs across the globe.

They were sending, receiving and sharing all of this data using the AWS S3 cloud platform and the FTP protocol. This created challenges for the company since latency packet loss and latency have detrimental effects on file transfer speeds across the Wide Area Network (WAN). And as the distance between the sending and receiving party grows, the challenge becomes harder as transfer speeds continue to fall.

Ichthys Genomics was in need of a solution that would overcome the challenges of sending large, multi-gigabyte and terabyte files across large geographical distances over the internet efficiently.


To overcome these challenges, Ichthys Genomics chose FileCatalyst’s flagship solution, FileCatalyst Direct. FileCatalyst Direct is a suite of server and client applications that use FileCatalyst’s patented UDP-based protocol to transfer files at speeds of up to 10Gbps. FileCatalyst TransferAgent was also used to provide a simple two-pane transfer interface.

By using the FileCatalyst SDK, FileCatalyst’s solutions have been integrated with the genetic analysis software used by the research institutes across each region, allowing for accelerated transfer speeds.  

FileCatalyst Direct’s client application, FileCatalyst Hotfolder, was also installed, which allows for automation. By placing HotFolders across the various endpoints, files will automatically download or upload content at intervals that can be customized.


By choosing FileCatalyst, Ichthys Genomics was able to create a situation where they are able to send and receive genomics data at previously unattainable speeds. Beyond the exponential increase in file transfer speeds, Ichthys Genomics was also able to leverage FileCatalyst’s solutions to create automated file transfer workflows and tight integrations through the FileCatalyst SDK.