Large Supply Chain Organization Implements GoAnywhere MFT to Replace Scripting and Pricey Integration Platforms

A leading supply chain and logistics solutions provider had their file transfer process spread across multiple integration platforms and Perl scripts that were difficult to manage effectively. With outdated scripting, pricey licensing, and a decentralized file transfer process, they sought a file transfer solution able to meet their needs for a more robust, modern data exchange solution that could replace their scripts and costly platform integrations, while offering predictable pricing, better centralization of processes, and more transparency.

The company transfers up to 20 million files monthly (about 20k inbound and 50k outbound communication sessions daily) as it manages its diverse operations.

As the nation’s supply chain and associated logistics are critical to moving essential goods across the country, ensuring that the information needed to carry out operations is secure and exchanged efficiently is a necessity for accuracy and timeliness. The company’s IT team found Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT the best match for their organization’s specific needs.

GoAnywhere MFT Centralizes Previously Scattered Communications Solutions

While their business may be focused on storing and distributing goods and services across the U.S., the organization needed to centralize their communications and bring them under a single solution umbrella to avoid pricey platform integrations and to provide better transparency of their file processes across the organization.

They had previously relied on an integration platform for their AS2 communications, with FTP and SFTP processes scattered between their integration platform and Perl scripts. According to a senior IT director, “We got to a point where the Perl scripts had become unmanageable and the cost of adding licenses for AS2 was painful. The types of logic that can be built into a GoAnywhere workflow without a bit of code is truly impressive. And most vendors were charging for blocks of AS2 licenses, and we were adding about 20 AS2 connections per year. GoAnywhere offered an unlimited AS2 connection license which was much more practical for us.”

In addition to using AS2 to securely send and receive files and the streamlined projects made possible with GoAnywhere’s Advanced Workflows, they also use the SFTP server, Secure Folders, Gateway, and Load Balancing for a clustered, reliable environment, even when handling a heavy load.

Business Now Consolidates AS2 Transfers Within and Outside the Organization

When asked what they found to be easier with GoAnywhere versus their previous solutions, the representative replied, “Everything. We’ve created standard project types that we re-use for everything from encryption and transfers to renames, moves, and database inserts. When combined with the template functionality that GoAnywhere provides for security, our whole process of setting up communications with a trading partner is very streamlined.”

They also pointed out the impact using GoAnywhere over the past seven years has had on the company’s business processes, citing the ability to establish communications and exchange test files very early in the project lifecycle. “Troubleshooting and issue resolution is also much faster, thanks to standardization and GoAnywhere’s single pane of glass for all of our communications.”

GoAnywhere Quickly Proves Out Use Cases Company-wide

The organization took advantage of the trial period to prove out their use cases and develop reusable processes, so deploying the solution was seamless both internally by their integration team and with their trading partners. “Rolling out to our trading partners also went very well, due to the time we spent standardizing up front. Each trading partner just had to point to a new URL and use a new certificate,” said the representative.

GoAnywhere has been incorporated into all areas of the organization, primarily using the solution to transfer B2B files securely across all business lines. They also put it to use internally to handle the transfers for their payroll, HR, and safety departments.

The speed and ease of implementing GoAnywhere helps the company maximize the solution across the business. A new file transfer takes less than five minutes versus a full hour under their previous system. In addition, tangible cost savings were realized. “We save about $40,000 per year in software maintenance fees, and probably another $10,000 annually in reduced work,” noted the IT representative.

GoAnywhere’s Support and Functionality is Unmatched

The team ran into an issue early on with establishing unique file names for customers that used the same generic name for every transfer. However, they worked with GoAnywhere to reach a resolution. “Our account executive lined up a call with a member of the development team. We shared the issue we were having, and the developer assured us that a fix would be in next month’s release, and it was. We had never experienced that level of ‘being heard’ by a vendor before,” noted the director.

This level of support goes beyond the original fix request. “Whenever we need help – whether it’s day-to-day support or coordination of upgrades or license activity – our account executive, the support team, and the sales teamwork with us to get our questions answered and problems resolved,” he added. “GoAnywhere has provided the functionality of competitors’ solutions that were three to four times the cost, while other vendors at GoAnywhere’s price point left much to be desired.”

GoAnywhere Solved Their Problem; Now Let's Solve Yours.

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