FileCatalyst & TubiTV


Fox Entertainment is the company behind TubiTV, a “TV… Everywhere!” platform that helps content owners reach new customers and launch new channels at an affordable cost. TubiTV is a global, a-la-carte video service offering individually purchased channels, series, episodes, and movies through both live and on-demand content, via their downloadable app. This approach allows users the ability to pay the TV they want to watch and eliminates the need to purchase channel bundles. Users are then able to access content on televisions, computers, phones, and tablets.


The programming on TubiTV is made up of content from a variety of providers globally. These content providers want to send their content digitally and they need the ability to these large video files up to the cloud, quickly, securely, and reliably. Providers also need to be able to download content from the cloud quickly. Today’s video files are large and often more than 100 GB, and this trend will continue as high-resolution video becomes more commonly used.

Traditionally, sending a file this size could take hours, depending on the geographic location, which is unacceptable for TubiTV, who receives numerous files daily. To meet the needs of their clients, TubiTV also needed to ensure that the solution was user-friendly, secure and simple to implement. Additionally, the solution had to be cost-effective.


TubiTV chose FileCatalyst Direct, a suite of client and server applications that enable point to point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps to meet their needs. FileCatalyst HotFolder, a desktop application installed on the end-user’s machine to allow for the creation of automatic scheduled, was also deployed.


Using FileCatalyst technology has given TubiTV clients an easy, cost-effective way to move digital content at accelerated speeds.

FileCatalyst Direct allowed TubiTV to accelerate their transfer speed by maximizing their existing infrastructure and realize speeds hundreds of times faster than FTP. FileCatalyst HotFolder provided TubiTV with the ability to schedule regularly occurring uploads, also at blazing speeds.

Files that traditionally took hours or days to transfer can now be sent in a matter of minutes.

With FileCatalyst HotFolder, content providers can set up automatically recurring uploads of their video content straight from their computers to the cloud. TubiTV is then able to schedule regular downloads of the newly added content.