Fortra’s MFT Annual Upgrades & Health Check Bundle

Fortra’s MFT Annual Upgrades & Health Check Bundle

The Annual Upgrades & Health Check Bundle provides dedicated resources to update your organization’s GoAnywhere environment to the latest version. It includes a review of your organization’s upgrade strategy plan by a Technical Consultant, a Health Check of your system, and a consultation on risks and compatibility issues associated with an upgrade.

Services Include:

  • System Evaluation: Prior to upgrade, engineers will conduct an evaluation of your existing environment to identify issues and configurations that require special attention before upgrading. 
  • Preparation Meeting: GoAnywhere experts will present the findings and verify the scope of the upgrade. 
  • Upgrade: GoAnywhere engineers will assist with the upgrade on your environment. The team will be on hand to address issues that may arise during the upgrade process.
  • Rollback: In the event you encounter an unforeseen production issue, we will provide up to two hours of services to mitigate the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved, we will guide you through the rollback process and restore GoAnywhere to the previous working state.
  • Health Check: We will evaluate the security configurations, performance logs, and overall health of your system. GoAnywhere experts will check the number of licenses, workspaces, and job logs, then assist with optimizing them. Speed up the onboarding of new teams or team members with:

Annual Upgrade



Plan, discuss, and review a strategy outline, risks, and compatibility for the upgrade
  • Validate backup/restore of all applicable configurations
  • Upgrade of one (1) GoAnywhere license to the latest version
  • Upgrade of one (1) GoAnywhere Agent to the latest version
  • Upgrade of one (1) DMZ Gateway to the latest supported version (if applicable)

Validation and Testing


  • Validate connectivity between GoAnywhere applications 
  • Perform pre-defined validation and testing procedures   
  • Test all protocols connectivity and validate reporting is working
  • Conduct basic troubleshooting of the GoAnywhere configuration for issues related to the service
  • Assist with up to one (1) rollback to the previously implemented version of GoAnywhere (if needed)
  • Perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on a separate GoAnywhere environment (e.g., test or pre-production).  This is highly highly recommended before routing traffic to GoAnywhere. The customer is responsible for performing UAT activities unless UAT services are purchased. 
  • Change freeze on GoAnywhere configuration is required as soon as the upgrade service starts until the upgrade has finished.

Health Check

Environment Information Gathering

  • Review current versions of GoAnywhere software, DMZ Gateway Server(s), and Agent(s) 
  • Cluster xml settings and nodes   
  • Review all Admin Server configurations on each node for best practice configurations 
  • Licensed features 
  • Review Java version and memory allocation to max heap 
  • Review hardware specs of the operating system(s) 
  • Database statistics 
  • Key Stores (File-based or KMS) 
  • SSL and SSH key hosting review 
  • DoS attack, Brute-Force, malicious username analysis 
  • Service Listener configuration review 
  • Job Logs – top errors, log settings   
  • Top Workflow projects with longest time execution (review only) 
  • Monitor, Trigger, and Scheduler engine balance review 
  • Run a Security Settings Audit  

Report Creation

  • Custom-built report to evaluate specific environmental recommendations 
  • OS specs and database configuration 
  • Licensed features 
  • SSL Certificate settings
  • Security settings
  • Current version and relation to latest GoAnywhere MFT release 
  • Detailed observations:
    • Of positive configuration settings
    • Of weak configuration settings
  • File transfer volume review 
  • Common error log review 
  • Clustered node logs review 
  • Security Settings Audit Report   
    • Passed|Failed|Fatal|Not Applicable
  • Additional recommendations 

 Report Review

  • Consultant will review the priority items for change with your team. 
  • Consultant will give feedback on best practice for change management implementation on items.

GoAnywhere Annual Upgrade and Health Check Bundle Delivers the Latest Solution and Best Practices 

Please contact us today to schedule your Upgrade and Health Check.