FileCatalyst & CatDV Integration Overview



In this webinar, CatDV’s CEO of Square Box Systems (CatDV) and FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services Elton Carneiro, discuss how FileCatalyst Direct can be leveraged within Square Box’s CatDV to provide accelerated, secure, and reliable transfers.

Not only do they discuss this integration; they also offer comprehensive overviews of each company, discuss the ways file transfers are affected by packet loss and latency, what FileCatalyst does to overcome the challenges that result in slow file transfers, and how FileCatalyst can be used with CatDV to booth efficiency, maximize bandwidth, and drastically increase transfer speeds.

What & How

CatDV is an easily-searchable catalog of a customer’s media assets. This powerful Media Asset Management (MAM) tool enables users to find and view their media – either the native footage or proxy versions of the original content.

FileCatalyst’s UDP-based protocol sends large media files anywhere around the world, at speeds of up to 10Gbps, slashing file transfer times from hours or days to just minutes — resulting in vastly improved productivity.

The CatDV and FileCatalyst integration provide accelerated file transfers directly within CatDV. Even if a user isn’t connected to the original media, they can request and receive their content quickly and easily. Content can also be sent out directly from CatDV using FileCatalyst. When files are marked “ready to send” within CatDV, the CatDV Worker Node automatically picks up the files and pushes them to FileCatalyst for accelerated delivery speeds.


If you are a current CatDV user or evaluating CatDV, this webinar will show you how it works, and how the MAM solution can be used in conjunction with FileCatalyst Direct to provide efficiency and accelerated transfer speeds to your CatDV environment.