Cybersecurity Myths Debunked

Discover what the experts say about today's top cybersecurity myths

Like many of Greek mythology's greatest heroes, the IT and cybersecurity professionals of today spend years preparing for an attack or test from an unknown creature. Will it be the Hydra-like multifaceted DDoS attack, or the sweet siren song of phishing upon your unfortunate colleagues? Discover what six IT and cybersecurity experts from across the globe have to say about common myths, including:

  • How vulnerable consumers are to identity theft
  • How often to change your passwords
  • The role of automation in IT and cybersecurity

Along with these assaults are the myths of how best to defend against them, which is why Fortra set out to uncover and bust some of today's most popular cybersecurity myths. Download the guide to discover which myths your organization is falling prey to — and which you're conquering.