Defending Against Data Breach

Discover How to Develop the Right Strategy for Data Encryption

Data breach incidents are not a temporary statistical aberration, but instead represent a growing epidemic. Given the cost to both companies and their customers, it’s critical that IT teams develop a solid strategy that utilizes the most effective tools when planning to prevent a data breach. Download this data breach guide to:

  • Examine the problems that are creating higher risks for data breaches
  • Explore today's regulatory landscape
  • Discover the technical burdens that both management and IT teams face
  • See how the right data encryption technologies can reduce the risk of data theft without hampering an efficient workflow

This white paper offers recommendations for how IT management can deploy strong security technologies to encrypt, monitor, and audit the access and use of sensitive information within an organization's system to defend against data breaches.

Download Defending Against Data Breach: Developing the Right Encryption Strategy today.