Accelerate File Transfers with a Software Defined Media Network



Alexander Sandstorm, Net Insight’s Product Manager, sat down with Elton Carneiro, FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services, to talk about some of the best ways to accelerate file transfers with a software-defined media network.

Alexander gives viewers a high-level “Software Defined Networks 101” overview, how it helps makes media workflow more agile. He also points out that broadcasters are moving more and more towards file-based workflows and content acquisition, which has created a reliance on proprietary software and a need for faster delivery methods than FTP – especially for time-sensitive media production.  

What & How

Net Insight’s FileTeleport solution provides users with a method to transfer files using on-demand bandwidth. Users simply select what files you would like to transfer, the destination of the files, and when the files will be delivered to the final destination. Admins can define which transfers are of the highest importance, and they can adjust and allocate bandwidth as required. The model uses a “per GB” model for flexibility, and they can also get real-time transfer pricing.

FileTeleport integrates Emmy award-winning FileCatalyst software with Net Insight’s Nimbra network infrastructure and the IABM award-winning SDN control solution to enable accelerated transfers over automatically provisioned network connectivity.


This webinar is a great resource for broadcasters and content creators who are:

  • Performing time-sensitive transfers
  • Need better control of their bandwidth allocation
  • Sending content to multiple distributors
  • Require a “Per GB” Pricing model