Accelerating File Transfers in Live Sports Production



Producing live sporting event coverage has been, and continues to be, a challenging proposition for broadcasters especially with 4K resolution becoming commonplace, 8K on the near horizon and the continuing adoption of Virtual Reality (VR). With multiple cameras producing massive video files, moving all the uncompressed files for in-studio editing can be extremely challenging, especially as the distance between the event and editing room increases. Even with high bandwidth lines and accelerated managed file transfer solutions, obstacles may still remain.

In this webinar, President and Co-founder John Tkaczewski discusses the challenges broadcasters are faced with and how accelerated file transfers are their best bet for delivering the best content.

What & How

With FileCatalyst Direct in your IT arsenal, file sizes will no longer dictate your transfer times. While moving media assets of any size format, or distance, FileCatalyst Direct makes the process a breeze – turning transfers that once took hours into minutes.

FileCatalyst Direct is made up by a suite of client and server applications that accelerate point-to-point file transfers, providing speeds of up to 10, Gbps via our patented UDP-based fast file transfer technology, which is immune to the effects of packet loss and latency on a network.


This is a perfect webinar that demonstrates how FileCatalyst can help Media & Broadcast organizations who are challenged with:

  • Moving content across multiple endpoints
  • Dealing with large, high-resolution media files
  • Remote editing workflows
  • Transferring Material Exchange Format (MXF) files
  • Performing high-concurrency transfers
  • Transferring dynamic file sets as they are being captured