Accelerated File Transfers in Live Television Production



This webinar, presented by FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President John Tkaczewski sits down with special guest Christian Charette, FileCatalyst’s Director of Software Development, discusses how FileCatalyst accelerates file transfers in live sports production workflows.

What & How

Producing live sporting event coverage is a challenging proposition for broadcasters: with multiple cameras producing massive high-resolution video files, moving the uncompressed files for in-studio editing can be extremely challenging. Even with high bandwidth and an accelerated and managed file transfer solution, there are sometimes obstacles.

FileCatalyst Direct is able to address these challenges with specific features like multi-file, concurrent transfer compatibility, the ability to transfer growing MXF files as they are being captured, and many more features that ensure the efficient and effective transfer of sporting footage.


This webinar is an asset to anyone who capturing and covering live sports events, or any media & broadcast workflow for that matter. Since this video shows viewers a real-life deployment scenario of FileCatalyst, IT is a great resource that helps understand how FileCatalyst can benefit any live production workflow.