Accelerating Cloud Transfers with FileCatalyst



FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services Elton Carneiro as shows attendees how FileCatalyst can accelerate cloud deployment workflows by providing unprecedented transfer speeds.

Elton covers various licensing options for cloud and on-premise deployments, our cloud marketing place listings, our Per GB pricing model and support for object storage.

What & How

Whether you are migrating your on-premise data to the cloud or creating cloud-based workflows that enhance collaboration and sharing power across your organization, the cloud presents a host of opportunities that give your data new capabilities. Yet problems remain; conventional file transfer tools can be slow and unreliable, and international file transfers frequently disconnect and almost never reach full line speed.

FileCatalyst Leverages the API’s of public the cloud providers such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob, and OpenStack Swift, as well as private cloud providers including Caringo, Cloudian, Scality, and Acembly.

Unlike competing solutions, FileCatalyst does not use third-party tools or drivers to access the object storage and because of this tight integration, almost every function FileCatalyst can perform on a physical storage medium can also be performed on your cloud storage – all with unparalleled performance, of course.


If you are performing regularly occurring or ad-hoc cloud transfers, regardless of industry or cloud provider, this webinar will show you how you can use FileCatalyst to supercharge your cloud transfers, improve efficiency, maximize throughput, and how you only need to pay for the computing hours used or the amount of data transferred.