Accelerating Media Assets with Woody Technologies



The ingestion and distribution of content is a crucial factor in any media workflow. With geo-diverse collaboration becoming the norm in the media world, users find themselves in various remote locations around the world and needing to send their content back to HQ.

When using FTP-based solutions, sending raw materials or edited files back to HQ can become time-consuming and a primary constraint to the entire process.

In this webinar, Elton Carneiro, FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services, and Aurelien Brelle, Woody Technologies Co-Founder present this webinar showing how FileCatalyst can be used in conjunction with Woody Technology products to gain access to fast file transfers that can be hundreds of times fast than FTP/TCP.

What & How

Woody in2it is a popular tool for importing assets from camera cards, and other file-based ingest methods, into any Media Asset Management (MAM) system. Woody in2it can be used from the field or local offices to index, transcode and transfer content to a broadcaster’s main facility. By integrating FileCatalyst into the solution, journalists and operators can exponentially boost their productivity and focus on added value tasks.

Woody Outgest is the ultimate solution for automating transfers from Avid® Interplay|Production environments to archives, playout or the web. Since integrating FileCatalyst, customers can now transfer content from post-production to distant playout facilities, or cloud archives, at speeds that can be up to 100 times faster than TCP/FTP.

Woody Ingest automates transcoding and ingest tasks across multiple environments. The FileCatalyst integration allows for centralized ingest tasks to multiple locations.


This webinar caters to people in media & broadcast or post-production working with assets from multiple sources and formats, ingesting content regularly, require automation within Avid Interplay|Production, maintaining archives, or require automated transcoding tasks.