Acemby File Accelerator: The Future of Cloud Transfers



In recent times there has been an explosion of data; from big data to cloud storage and the content we create. The cloud has become a powerful way to archive and share data, but the migration process is slow. FileCatalyst and Acembly have teamed up to provide such a solution: Acembly File Accelerator, powered by FileCatalyst! With Acembly File Accelerator, businesses are able to realize the full potential and power of their cloud and big data infrastructure.

This webinar, hosted by FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services Elton Carneiro, Acembly’s Founder Patrick Kennedy and Acembly’s CTO Michael Asadoorian, provides an overview of FileCatalyst and Acembly, highlights the challenges of moving data to the cloud, an analysis of the S3 Accelerator’s pros and cons, an overview of Acembly File Accelerator, a live demo, and a question period.

What & How

The Acembly platform allows users to connect to their storage, wherever it lives – AWS, Google, a private cloud, or on-premise. In a true Service as a Solution (SaaS) model, users can efficiently manage their hybrid file-based infrastructure and workflows from one simple interface. With Acembly data management, users can create ways to monitor and move data how, where and when it should be moved to satisfy any business requirements.   

FieCatalyst Direct is a suite of server and client applications that enables point-to-point accelerated file transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. By integrating FileCatalyst Direct with the Acembly platform, remote users can transfer files directly to their cloud storage at the maximum possible speed.

FileCatalyst has come together with Acembly to power Acembly’s Acembly File Accelerator. Acembly File Accelerator provides high-speed acceleration capabilities that allow you to migrate to and from the cloud like never before. Acembly File Accelerator lets your business realize the full potential and power of your cloud and big data infrastructure. Acembly File Accelerator offers transfer speeds that can reach up to 10Gbps, which is impossible on TCP based protocols such as FTP and HTTP.


No matter where your businesses and branches are located, or what type of networks you use across them, Acembly File Accelerator provides your business with a reliable high-speed transfer solution, at a fraction of the competitor’s cost. This webinar will provide you with all of the information you need to know to gain an understanding of Acembly File Accelerator, and how it maximize the movement of data across all industries.