Advanced Administrator Interface


The Advanced Interface in GoAnywhere MFT gives IT administrators the freedom to manage file transfer and workflow automation features from any internet-connected PC through the browser-based HTML5 interface.

Every administrator logs into their personal dashboard where they can view dozens of drag-and-drop gadgets that display vital statistics and activity on their system. Administrators can customize their own dashboard layout by dragging gadgets to new locations or adding or removing columns.

Every event that occurs in GoAnywhere MFT is captured to a log. The logs provide several search tools, customizable views, and can be exported to CSV files. Each event is also sent to a global log that provides system-wide, Google-like search results. PDF reports for events and system information can be created on demand. The reports can also be scheduled through GoAnywhere's workflow tools.

System alerts notify you when events occur on the GoAnywhere installation as well as provide proactive notifications when SSL and Open PGP Keys are set to expire. Industry-standard connection properties are defined for all the resources used in GoAnywhere, and testing features validate connections and commands to remove any guesswork from your system.

Several easy-to-use Wizards allow you to quickly connect to databases, build SQL queries, switch databases, define encrypted folders, and build custom expressions.

Administrators can synchronize users from an LDAP or Active Directory Server and Login Testing, makes it easy to troubleshoot issues and ensure user settings are applied correctly. Drag and drop enables faster File Uploads, Feature Sorting, Column Selection, and Project Design. We even designed flexible product licensing to help administrators add new features through our self-service portal.

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