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GoAnywhere agents provide real-time remote workflow and file transfer capabilities that are controlled from a central GoAnywhere MFT server.

Agents can run multi-step workflows on the systems where they are installed. These workflows can securely transfer or archive files, translate data, work with databases on the system, execute native commands, or perform other local file system tasks.

Workflows on agents can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis. Agents can also monitor for new, modified, and deleted files on its file system. When a file is found, agents can call a project to process the file locally or call a project to run on GoAnywhere MFT.

Agents can be deployed to virtually any operating system, including Windows, Linux, IBM i, and other platforms. Agents can run on systems inside an organization's network to move files throughout the data center.

Additionally, agents can be deployed to remote sites, like branch offices, cloud environments like Amazon AWS and Azure, and other remote locations. GoAnywhere MFT acts as the central point of control to manage all agents which are connected to it. This centralized control reduces dependence on IT technicians or local support at the agent site.

When an agent starts, it will connect to GoAnywhere MFT using X.509 certificate authentication and then GoAnywhere will take over management of that agent. Administrative users in GoAnywhere MFT will configure the connection settings, folder access, and work that should be performed on the agents.

Installation packages can be created and deployed to any number of systems. And agent templates and registration rules make it easy to deploy agents on a large scale. When an agent software upgrade needs to take place, the upgrade is initiated by GoAnywhere MFT and the agent is automatically upgraded as soon as it is not in use.

Agents can be grouped together to simplify setup and configuration. This allows administrators to define tasks that should run on all agents in a group. For example, an organization that has hundreds of retail stores can easily send out new files to each store in the group. Or a group of Linux servers can be defined to execute the same SSH commands on all agent's systems at once.

Agents can perform a variety of tasks on the systems where they are installed. Files can be compressed or decompressed using ZIP, TAR, and GZIP standards. Data can be translated between databases, CSV, fixed width, XML, and JSON. Agents can also execute file system and native commands. Administrators can view all events that occur on the agent, such as file transfers or completed jobs.

Automate Your Workflows and File Transfers Across Your Enterprise

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