FileCatalyst’s Amazon S3 Integration



FileCatalyst’s Co-Founder and CEO Chris Bailey hosts this webinar that gives an overview of the FileCatalyst Amazon S3 integration. In this webinar, Chris gives an overview of what Amazon S3 is, the architecture of S3 and how FileCatalyst has integrated Amazon’s SDK into a system file driver using Java NIO.2. He also provides a live, in-depth demo that shows the solution in action, as well as the different ways users can integrate and connect to the solution.

What & How

FileCatalyst’s accelerated file transfer technology now enables fast uploads to Amazon S3. Now you can use FileCatalyst’s fast file transfer technology to transfer data to AWS and EC2 without buying a perpetual license. Our technology allows for transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps, while only paying for the time you use (per hour), or the data you transfer (per GB).

FileCatalyst Server leverages the Amazon S3 SDK to create the most comprehensive solution fast uploads to Amazon S3 and EC2. Fast file transfers are performed from any remote location to the FileCatalyst Server running in Amazon EC2. FileCatalyst streams files directly into S3, and never lands on local storage. FileCatalyst can upload, migrate and move files into S3 at speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which is the current bandwidth in/out limit of EC2.


If you are using Amazon S3 as your cloud solution and challenged with slow transfer speeds when moving data to and from Amazon S3 or EC2, this is a very informative video that will show you how to use FileCatalyst to gain access to fast file transfer technology when performing uploads and downloads via Amazon S3 and EC2.