Beyond FTP & hard drives: Accelerating LAN file transfers



There are plenty of consumer-based solutions for sharing files, be it point-to-point or to the cloud. But when it comes to enterprise applications, these solutions usually fall short in terms of features and performance.

The reason that most of these solutions don’t meet the needs of enterprises is because they are based on the TCP protocol. Designed in the 1970s, TCP was not built to move large files, and this creates slow transfer speeds anywhere latency and packet loss is present.  

What & How

In this webinar FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President John Tkaczewski explains the reasons TCP fails, and how our patented UDP-based protocol overcomes the issues of TCP, while adding security and reliability, allowing enterprise companies to send files as fast as possible, regardless of network latency or location. FileCatalyst UDP-based solution overcomes latency by saturating the “pipe” and sending multiple blocks of data for increased transfer speeds.

John also shows viewers how to use our bandwidth calculator that will allow you to gauge the speed our solution will move files at when compared to the FTP/TCP protocol. He also gives a demo of FileCatalyst in use so viewers can get a hands-on look at our software in use, as well as how to setup users, sites, and schedulers, as well as configure various settings including network, bandwidth, security, and monitoring.     


If you are dealing with slow file transfers across the WAN, lack of automation and synchronization across multiple endpoints, or mirroring disaster recovery backups, this webinar will show you how FileCatalyst can be used to address these issues.