Explaining the FileCatalyst Adobe Integration



This video, Hosted by Elton Carneiro, FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services, goes over the FileCatalyst integration with Adobe Premiere Pro, and how the integration allows users to perform fast file transfers to any FileCatalyst globally.

Elton provides a corporate overview of FileCatalyst 18 year history of delivering Emmy-Award winning horizontal fast file transfer solutions across the WAN for many industries including media & broadcast, oil & gas, life sciences, government and more.

This webinar also includes an introduction to the underlying technology, an overview of FileCatalyst TransferAgent and how it integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro, and then Elton ties it all together with a live demo of the integration itself.

What & How

FileCatalyst designed TransferAgent to act as an alternative to Java Applets that can run on both Windows, Mac and Linux environments. TransferAgent does not depend on Java plugins in any way, and it is a very lightweight (approx. 15 MB) application that only needs to be installed “inline” as it is required. TransferAgent doesn’t require any additional server technology other than FileCatalyst Direct Server. The solution supports both upload and downloads, with a transfer queue and built-in email notifications.

FileCatalyst is the only fast file transfer solution available as a panel directly integrated into the application, so users do not need to leave the application to send their content quickly. The integration was made possible by leveraging HTML5 and JavaScript to create a panel that directly interfaces with FileCatalyst TransferAgent.


Any media organizations using Premiere Pro in remote workflows would greatly benefit from the FileCatalyst TransferAgent integration. Remote editors sending content to HQ or QC would benefit from exponential speed increases, making content delivery a much faster, more reliable, and secure delivery method – without having to leave the Adobe Premiere Pro application.