FileCatalyst & Caringo



As the size and amount of files continue to increase and become more dispersed across remote locations, especially in the media and entertainment space, there is an urgent need for more efficient file transfer, management, and storage solutions.

In this webinar, Caringo’s VP of Marketing Adrian Herrera and FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services come together to provide insight on how FileCatalyst achieves a tight integration with Caringo to leverage FileCatalyst’s Emmy® award-winning fast file transfer technology.

What & How

Caringo Swarm object storage gives users control over any volume, flow or size of unstructured information—dramatically reducing complexity and costs while extracting maximum value and performance from hardware.

Unlike competing solutions, Caringo doesn’t use third-party tools or drivers to access object storage. Because of this tight integration, almost every function of FileCatalyst that can be performed on a physical storage medium can also be performed on object storage. Content is accessed through the entire FileCatalyst client suite, so there is no need for special tools or scripts.


This webinar is a great resource and information-rich video if you are working in the following use cases:

  • Moving data from remote locations to ingest into Caringo storage.
  • Migrating or replicating data to remote locations for data protection, archiving or disaster recovery.
  • Synchronizing and collaborating with information and files on Swarm nodes that are geographically distributed for follow-the-sun (FTS) workflows
  • Transforming commodity servers into massively scalable storage solutions with direct HTTP access.
  • Uploads content directly to the cloud at accelerated speeds, instead of caching the content locally and then uploading as a background process.