FileCatalyst for C++ Developers



This webinar, presented by FileCatalyst’s President and CEO, John Tkaczewski, shows viewers how to leverage the FileCatalyst C++ API to add file transfer acceleration directly into a workflow.

The webinar covers the features of the C++ API, the requirements, how to get started with using the API, and a demo on building a visual C++ fast file transfer application.

What & How

The features of the C++ API that John Discusses include:

  • Accelerated uploads and downloads
  • UDP and TCP support (including multi-threaded TCP)
  • MD5 checksum
  • Bandwidth congestion control
  • Secure communications via AES and SSL
  • Automatic resume and retry
  • Single or multiple file transfers
  • Recursive folder level transfers

The requirements for the C++ API include:

  • Windows 32/64 or Linux 32/64 or ARM 32 or OSX64
  • C++ version 2011 or higher
  • Boot 1.58, if building on Windows
  • OpenSSL (included in the install package) when building on Windows
  • FileCatalyst Direct Server 3.2 or higher  


If you would like to add file transfer acceleration into your workflow, this webinar will provide you with all the information you need to get started with using the C++ API.