FileCatalyst Introduces TransferAgent



This webinar marks the time we introduced a new evolution of FileCatalyst in the form of a new FileCatalyst Direct client application; TransferAgent. John Tkaczewski, Co-Founder and President of FileCatalyst, and FileCatalyst Software Developer Greg Pettit, gave this presentation to go over FileCatalyst’s history with plugins web components, why and how UDP is a superior file transfer protocol compared to FTP/TCP, introduce TransferAgent to the world, outline the goals of TransferAgent and cover all of the major features in a comprehensive demo.

What & How

TransferAgent is FileCatalyst’s alternative to Java Applets. It has zero dependency on Java plugins for both Mac and Windows, is very lightweight (approx. 15 MB), and the install only occurs when required as an “inline install.” No other server technology is required other than FileCatalyst Direct Server, and it supports both upload and downloads, with a transfer queue and built-in email notifications.

TransferAgent allows users to upload and download complex folders, automatically retry transfers after a dropped connection, perform MD5 checksums for file integrity and, of course, allows for the use of our UDP-based file transfer acceleration. FileCatalyst TransferAgent is also equipped with PGP encryption, gives users “allow/deny” prompts, and the ability to hide sections of local drives.


This webinar is a great learning tool for anyone who is:

  • Trying to overcome the challenges of using Java applets
  • Performing frequent web-based and browser-based file transfers
  • Looking for an in-depth demo of TransferAgent