Using FileCatalyst in the Oil & Gas Sector



Massive amounts of data are generated across the oil & gas industry. Whether it’s seismic readings of the earth’s surface, equipment and well statistics used to optimize active deposits, multi-terabyte datasets to be analyzed by supercomputers, or massive backups for disaster recovery – oil & gas generates data in a more extensive variety, volume and velocity than ever before.

What & How

FileCatalyst’s fast file transfer solutions accelerate and optimize file transfer speeds across these vast and varied networks to maximize throughput and minimize wait times. Many organizations use FileCatalyst to transfer data to and from remote work sites including offshore rigs, remote mines or anywhere else weak connections or latency are commonplace.


If you are working in any area of the energy sector (Upstream, Midstream or Downstream), and you are challenged with moving files to and from remote drilling sites, HPC facilities, or anywhere else your data needs to go, this webinar will provide insights on how FileCatalyst can help you improve the efficiency of all of these aspects.