GoAnywhere Gateway Overview


Conducting business with trading partners requires connections into your organization to exchange critical information quickly and efficiently, but how can these partners securely upload and download files without exposing this data or your internal networks to potential attacks? GoAnywhere Gateway allows you to keep your sensitive data and user credentials in the internal network and out of the DMZ. Since no inbound ports need to be opened into your internal network, GoAnywhere Gateway greatly reduces the risk of network intrusion.

GoAnywhere Gateway is an enhanced reverse proxy service which your trading partners connect to in the DMZ. Through a pre-established control channel, GoAnywhere Gateway can then access internal services such as an SFTP server, securely, again, without opening inbound ports. Internal systems are in essence hidden behind GoAnywhere Gateway. The secure solution will allow your organization to comply with strict regulations such as PCI DSS, and privacy laws.

GoAnywhere Gateway integrates with GoAnywhere MFT to provide a secure and managed environment for hosting and exchanging files. It supports most standard protocols including SFTP, FTP, FTPS, HTTP, and HTTPS.

GoAnywhere Gateway is a software only solution, so no special hardware components are required. It can be installed onto most operating systems, including Windows, Linux, AIX, Unix, and Solaris. Keep your network safe and data secure with GoAnywhere Gateway.

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