Project Workflows


The advanced interface in GoAnywhere MFT makes it easy to quickly build and manage your projects. The project designer is built around four main work areas.

The component library is where you'll find project tasks organized by function. Just expand a pane, and then drag the component to your outline. Or double click an element to drop it right into the workflow.

The project outline is a visual representation of your workflow, with tasks, decisions, and loops executed in the order in which they appear. Drag and drop to change the order of tasks, and right-click on a task to add commands you want to execute. The project outline is intelligent, only allowing you to place tasks where they were designed to go. While the number of tasks in a project are virtually unlimited, you can also build complex workflows using smaller, more manageable modules. Tasks are fully customizable through the work area. Attributes are organized into panels, with the most commonly-used features displayed by default. If you're not sure what to put into a field, every field in the work panel contains pop-over help.

The variables pane displays variables that are available to the project. Variables work within your project to temporarily store, manipulate, or move data from one task to the next. To use a variable, you can drag it into a field, or double click the variable to automatically insert it into the selected field.

Once your project is designed, you can validate the project to ensure it compiles correctly, and execute the job and view the results in the job log. You can also debug the project step by step, to troubleshoot any issues. All projects are stored in the project explorer, where folder permissions restrict viewing or execution by unauthorized users. The project action menu gives you access to project management and execution features, including the ability to view a project's execution history.

If you're not sure how to get started with your project design, GoAnywhere MFT provides dozens of project templates with examples of the most commonly-used workflows. Create a project, find a template that closely meets your needs, and then modify the project to make it your own.

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