GoFast File Transfer Acceleration


GoFast is a file transfer acceleration protocol in GoAnywhere that can transmit data considerably faster than traditional FTP.

Before files are transferred, a secure SSL/TLS control channel is first established over TCP between the GoFast server and client. This control channel can be authenticated with user credentials as well as X.509 client and server certificates. After authentication, commands are sent over the control channel to indicate transmission details such as file names and sizes, encryption ciphers, and compression settings.

Files are then broken into multiple parts and transferred over UDP data channels between the GoFast client and server. The part sizes can be adjusted to optimize transfer speeds based on the reliability of the network. The file parts are automatically reassembled at the destination and saved to the designated folder locations.

If any part of a file does not reach the destination, the sender will be instructed to retransmit those missing parts until the entire file is received. To further guarantee the integrity of the transmission, hashes can be calculated on both the GoFast Client and Server for the files transferred. The files can be automatically resent if the Client and Server file Checksums do not match.

A GoFast session can be configured to use AES encryption for protecting data packets, and file parts can be compressed with the ZLIB standard to minimize the amount of bandwidth utilized by GoFast transmissions.

GoFast server connections can be predefined in GoAnywhere MFT's administrator as reusable resources which can be selected from simple dropdown menus. GoFast Tasks can be placed within GoAnywhere MFT workflows and executed as part of a cohesive process. For instance, a workflow could be defined to retrieve a video file, encrypt the video, and then quickly send the video to a trading partner using the GoFast accelerated file transfer protocol.


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