How to Further Protect Your MFT Server Identity | Video

How to Further Protect Your MFT Server Identity


Securing your important files in transit and at rest is vital to protecting your data. There are, however, additional methods that can guard your GoAnywhere MFT server identity and keep your documents safely in your private network. The GoAnywhere Gateway provides the following security, performance and load balancing benefits:

  • Forward and reverse proxy capabilities
  • Help with meeting your organization's compliance standards
  • Shielding of the IP address of the MFT server from the outside world
  • Reducing risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Scanning of service/port and enumeration of your MFT servers
  • No requirement to open inbound ports to your MFT servers
  • SMB exposure to the internet (access to network shares are extremely prone to vulnerabilities)
  • Load balancing of GoAnywhere MFT servers

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how the GoAnywhere Gateway can be used to route requests over a proprietary channel to back-end services, allowing your organization to keep sensitive information in your private/internal network. Additionally, we will review how to hide the identities and locations of those internal systems.

Be better prepared to share information with unprecedented management and security, protecting both your data and your organization’s reputation.

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