Configuring Advanced Order Forms in FileCatalyst Workflow



In this webinar, presenter John Tkaczewski, FileCatalyst’s Co-Founder and President,  focuses on order forms in FileCatalyst Workflow. FileCatalyst offers a wide range of customization and functionality, allowing end users to create custom submission and distribution order forms any use case an organization may have.

This webinar includes overviews of the ways various submission and distribution order forms can be created and used, live workflow demos, an overview of FileCatalyst’s various licensing options, and a question period.

What & How

FileCatalyst Workflow serves as an organizational web portal used for client file uploads. Organizations can create custom fields that can collect any information (metadata) needed in the workflow.

These fields can be used to collect information such as quantities, sizes, special instructions – or any other information that may be required. Once collected, the files and metadata are combined into a “job,” which may go through any number of phases pertaining to your workflow, which is tracked through the system until the job is completed.


This webinar can provide beneficial insight into the power of FileCatalyst Workflow if you are trying to add the following into your workflow:

  • Order form customization
  • Distribution form customization
  • Custom metadata in order and distribution forms
  • Large file distribution via email
  • Fast file transfers for submission and distribution
  • Grouping capabilities for order forms
  • Default values for order form fields