Integrating FileCatalyst with APIs



You may know FileCatalyst for providing Emmy® award-winning file transfer solutions that are used across a wide range of industries, but you may not know that FileCatalyst also provides well-documented APIs that give access to every method needed to establish a connection to a FileCatalyst Server for accelerated file transfers.

What & How

In this webinar FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services, Elton Carneiro shows viewers how to use the APIs and begin leveraging FileCatalyst within your solution. With a few short lines of code, you can begin integrating FileCatalyst and take advantage of a full range of method calls that provide access to advanced features.


If you are a current FileCatalyst user or looking to add file transfer acceleration into your custom solution, you will find that this webinar will provide rich and detailed information on our APIs and how to use them.