Introducing FileCatalyst Workflow v5.0.3



We are excited to announce FileCatalyst Workflow v5.0.3 is available to download via the Support Portal. Our team has been hard at work bringing new updates and features to FileCatalyst Workflow, and our Co-Founder & President, John Tkaczewski, hosted a webinar sharing what’s new with version 5.0.3.

What & How

Some of the new features include:

  • TransferAgent now comes prepackaged with Java Runtime(JRE), so JRE is no longer required on the end user’s system.
  • Filter email addresses for distribution jobs based on groups, as well as by existing IP-based filters.
  • The “Test Connection” button now allows you to test uploads, downloads and the file area.
  • Sample Code is available to submit jobs with files in FileAreas via the API
  • Restrict uploads/download to FileAreas by filename or extension


This is a great resource highlighting the latest and greatest enhancements to happen to FileCatalyst Workflow. If you are an existing FileCatalyst user or a newcomer who wants to learn more about our solutions, this is a great learning resource.