Introducing TransferAgent in FileCatalyst Workflow



In this webinar, FileCatalyst’s President and Co-Founder of FileCatalyst, John Tkaczewski, shares the news that TransferAgent has been Integrated into FileCatalyst Workflow.

John has been involved with FileCatalyst Workflow, and its various incarnations as, from its inception as a designer and developer of the product, and he shares his passion with viewers as he introduces them FileCatalyst Workflow and FileCatalyst TransferAgent, before walking them through a demo of the solution.

What & How

FileCatalyst Workflow acts as a web-based portal for any file transfer needs, as John calls it, “the Swiss Army knife for file transfers on the web.” FileCatalyst Workflow allows users to send large files to any email address (also available as an API). End users can submit large files via a web browser with metadata, acting as an “online dropbox” or ingest system. The File Areas facilitates many different configurations for online file sharing and online folders. FileCatalyst Workflow also integrates with our automation solution FileCatalyst HotFolder to automatically sync shared folders.

TransferAgent is FileCatalyst’s alternative to Java Applets. TransferAgent allows users to upload and download complex folders, automatically retry transfers after a dropped connection, perform MD5 checksums for file integrity and, of course, allows for the use of our UDP-based file transfer acceleration.


This webinar is geared for people looking for a broad overview of FileCatalyst Workflow, TransferAgent, their integration, and how it can be used in various use cases. This solution is great for organizations who are frequently receiving, processing and sending large files for jobs, sharing large project files via email, require a “corporate dropbox” and File Areas.