Leveraging the FileCatalyst | Interra Systems’ BATON Integration



In this webinar, Elton Carneiro, FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services, and Interra Systems’ Product Specialist, Praney Mahajan, discuss how FileCatalyst’s integration into Interra Systems’ Quality Control (QC) solution, BATON, to provide fast file transfer speeds into QC workflows for enhanced productivity and shortened delivery times.

What & How

Interra Systems’ BATON is an industry leading enterprise-class file-based QC solution. BATON has been deployed by global media companies of all sizes. Major broadcasters, post-production houses, IPTV, satellite and archiving companies use BATON for QC every day for its thorough list of quality checks and enterprise-wide scalability.

FileCatalyst sends digital content securely and reliably at accelerated rates, allowing transfers that used to take hours or days to successfully transfer in minutes – regardless of file size or format. FileCatalyst’s UDP-based technology executes transfers at speeds of up to 10 Gbp, despite potential network impairments such as latency or packet loss, which ensures file quality throughout the entire QC workflow.

FileCatalyst’s integration with BATON seamlessly automates QC workflows by accelerating content uploads to BATON for quality checks. BATON then ensures readiness across all stages of the workflow before delivering the highest quality content to the customers at accelerated speeds. The integration provides accelerated workflows at the fastest speeds available for large digital media content transfers.


If you are challenged efficiency and productivity bottlenecks, or the overall speed of your QC workflows, this webinar is a great resource showing how BATON and FileCatalyst can accelerate and manage your QC workflows.