Managed File Transfers (MFT) with FileCatalyst



FileCatalyst is known for our award-winning file transfer acceleration solutions that can give enterprise organizations up to 10Gbps transfer speeds. There are, however, a number of advanced features that allow users to go beyond UDP acceleration and get Managed File Transfer (MFT) features via FileCatalyst.

What & How

John Tkaczewski, FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President, illustrates additional features available within the FileCatalyst suite that can further optimize your file transfers beyond the just leveraging our UDP protocol. John discusses dealing with multiple files, compression, multi-client features, MD5 checksums, auto-archiving, and file deltas.


This webinar is best suited for current FileCatalyst users than want to learn more about how they can optimize file transfers with FileCatalyst’s advanced features. This is also a valuable webinar for people who want to learn about features that go beyond our UDP-based protocol.