MQ Integration


GoAnywhere MFT streamlines the integration with WebSphere MQ, Active MQ, Sonic MQ and other MQ systems by sending and receiving messages with queues and topics.

GoAnywhere can load the contents of a file into a message and send it to an MQ server which allows other systems to pick up that file for processing. Here is a project where an EDI file that was received from a trading partner is being placed into a queue. You could also send text-based messages and other content that you wish to distribute.

GoAnywhere can also receive messages from queues and topics. The next project will retrieve messages from a queue and place the contents of those messages into files. Once the messages have been downloaded to files, you can add additional project tasks to translate, encrypt, compress, and distribute the files to trading partners or remote systems.

With additional support for transactional processing, custom properties, and message filtering. GoAnywhere can integrate managed file transfer processes with your enterprise MQ system.


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