Open PGP Encryption


Video Transcript:

GoAnywhere supports Open PGP compliant encryption technology, allowing you to automate the encryption, signing, verification, and decryption of your files with PGP.

Let's take a look at how GoAnywhere can encrypt and sign a file. Here is an example of a file containing information that needs to be encrypted before it is transmitted to a trading partner. On the Encrypt Task, I specify the file to encrypt, as well as the output location. The Public Key is used for encrypting the file and the Private Key is used for adding a digital signature.

The next task in this project deletes the original file if it is no longer needed. You can easily add more tasks to send the PGP-encrypted file on to recipients by SFTP, FTPS, or other protocols. After the project is run, you can see that the contents of the file have been successfully encrypted.

The next project demonstrates how you can decrypt and verify the digital signature of an encrypted file. I specified the past phrase to the Private Key in my key ring, as well as the input and output file locations. When the project is run, the Job Log confirms that the signature was verified and the contents were decrypted.

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