Partner Spotlight – Empress & FileCatalyst



This webinar looks at FileCatalyst’s Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partnership with Empress, provider of the powerful and flexible web-based system, eMAM, used for Media Asset Management (MAM) workflows.

This video gives users an overview of the FileCatalyst eMAM™ integration that enables accelerated fast file transfers within the eMAM™ platform. It also educates users on how the technologies work together to enhance workflow management processes for customers in media, broadcasting, and entertainment.

What & How

Empress eMAM™ is a powerful Media Asset Management platform providing an online proxy library of digital content. Empress eMAM™ leverages rich collaboration tools and extensive third-party integrations while managing native resolution content in any cloud, or on-premise, storage, and archive repository.

FileCatalyst Direct has been integrated into the eMAM™ feeder and eMAM™ delivery modules which reduces upload and distribution times. eMAM™ is integrated with the FileCatalyst development tools (java applets, remote server management API, and javascript API) for a seamless integration.

The eMAM™ feeder, a desktop application available on Mac, Windows, and Linux, allows files to be ingested from any workstation worldwide into eMAM™ managed storage. Individual users, user groups, or an entire organization can have the option to ingest profiles powered by FileCatalyst.


This is geared for people who are already using Empress eMAM and want to learn about the FileCatalyst integration. It is also valuable if you evaluating current MAM solutions, or performing the tasks/use cases:

  • Bottlenecked by transfer speeds when uploading, downloading and transferring large media files over the internet.
  • Performing large file transfers across continental distances.
  • Use any browser to search, preview, comment, log, sub clip, share links by email or social media, and deliver content.
  • Managing the transfer of original resolution media as needed for digital delivery or editing