Remote Data Replication for disaster recovery



When working across global networks, getting files from office to another across continental distances can be a very slow, and costly task to accomplish. Whether making off-site disaster recovery backups, mirroring data across multiple offices, FTP limits the possibilities of creating global content distribution networks.

What & How

In this webinar FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President John Tkaczewski addresses the common scenarios and use cases for remote data replication and how it differs from “syncing” data and the collision that can occur when editing multiple documents. He also reviews some of the “gotchas” concerning data replication such as the loss of platform-specific attributes when performing cross-platform transfers.

He also demonstrates how using the FileCatalyst Direct suite, and the FileCatalyst HotFolder client specifically, can radically enhance data replication workflows for disaster recovery by providing scheduling options, file system events, bandwidth management, data-set rules, monitoring features, HotFolder to HotFolder replication, and more.


This webinar is geared towards people who are struggling with maintaining off-site backups, transferring files across continental distances, syncing multiple folders and permission for a variety of users.