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Your employees need an easy and secure way to share sensitive files with customers, partners, and other users. With the GoAnywhere Secure Mail module, you can use the convenience of email along with the security of HTTPS to deliver your messages and files safely. When a Secure Mail package is sent, the contents of the package are automatically encrypted and then stored on your server. GoAnywhere then sends a notification email with a link to the file. This link allows the user to download the message and files over a secure HTTPS connection.

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Read notifications can be sent back to your employees when the Secure Mail message is opened. Your recipients can reply to the Secure Mail message and add files of their own. Employees can also directly request files from recipients using the request files feature. The recipients are sent a link where they can upload files directly to the sender. These files are also encrypted and stored on your server for authorized access by your employees.

Secure Mail can be sent through the browser-based web client or through the provided Microsoft Outlook plugin. The web client offers intuitive controls for creating and sending secure mail packages or file requests. Files can be uploaded by dragging and dropping them directly over the Secure Mail message and the user has access to standard email features, such as an inbox, drafts, outbox, sent items, and an address book.

The GoAnywhere Outlook plugin provides a Secure Mail toolbar to attach files and send messages directly from Microsoft Outlook. Just create an email and click the Send Secure Mail button. GoAnywhere will automatically strip the attachment out of Outlook, encrypt the contents, store the file on your server, and then send the links to the recipients.

All actions and exchanges with Secure Mail are recorded with full audit trails, which can be viewed through the convenient web-based portal. The Secure Mail logs will record the sender, recipients, and when the documents were sent, and when the message was accessed. Secure Mail global settings provides enterprise-grade security and configuration and can be controlled from an intuitive administrator interface. You can customize your security settings, set password options, package expiration dates, allow message replies, and much more.

GoAnywhere also allows you to customize email notifications, including branding with your corporate logo, privacy policy, and other disclaimers. To see how easy it is to use GoAnywhere Secure Mail, contact a sales representative to schedule a live demonstration.

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