SFTP Server


The SFTP Server in GoAnywhere MFT allows your trading partners to securely exchange files with your organization. The SFTP Server uses the SSH file transfer protocol, secure copy protocol, the latest SSH 2.0 protocol, and offers robust two-factor authentication using passwords and SSH keys.

The encrypted tunnel between the SFTP Server in GoAnywhere and your trading partners protects all of your sensitive data, user IDs, passwords, and commands that flow over the connection.

Implementation of SFTP is easy. The remote administration and monitoring through a browser based interface makes providing support easy to do from anywhere.

GoAnywhere SFTP will give you granular control over who has access to your sensitive data through feature-rich account creation and file and folder permission levels. The user accounts in GoAnywhere can also be synchronized with your ELDAP or active directory server to simplify account creation for your entire organization.

GoAnywhere provides detailed audit logs of all SFTP sessions. The detail includes the user ID, what command was issued, IP addresses, and the names of the transferred files. The activity can be viewed through on demand reports, which can also be generated and distributed on a scheduled basis.

Event triggers can monitor when transfers occurred and automatically process files or send email notifications when files are uploaded or downloaded. Intuitive screens are provided in GoAnywhere to help you manage SSH keys. The integrated key management system can be used to view, export, or create public and private keys. Both RSA and DSA key types are supported with key links up to 4,096 bits.

GoAnywhere can be installed in the private network without opening inbound ports when paired with GoAnywhere Gateway in the DMZ. And GoAnywhere can be placed in a cluster for load balancing and redundancy to ensure the maximum availability for your trading partners. GoAnywhere provides the critical compliance for PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and state privacy laws.

To discover how easy it is to use SFTP and GoAnywhere, contact a sales representative and schedule a live demonstration or click the download button for a free trial and experience it for yourself.

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