FileCatalyst Workflow 5.1: An Introduction



Our team has been hard at work bringing new updates and features to FileCatalyst Workflow, and our Co-Founder & President, John Tkaczewski, hosted a webinar on January 9th to share what’s new with this version.

What’s New

Some of the new features include:

  • Added: “Request Files Here” feature, allows File Area users to Request files from outside users to upload into a chosen folder in a FileArea
  • Added: Ability to set multiple languages, each language is loaded dynamically based on the “Accept-Language” request header Administrators can create any number of language files based on POSIX Locales
  • Added: Text contained in forms and fields can now be loaded as a custom language property, to better support the new multi-language feature


This is a great resource highlighting the latest FileCatalyst Service. this is a great learning resource if you are:

  • An existing FileCatalyst user
  • A newcomer who wants to learn more about our solutions