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GoAnywhere MFT Given Info-Tech Research Group's "Best Overall Value" Vendor Landscape Award

MFT Vendor Landscape

Note from the Editor: This article shares highlights from Info-Tech Research Group's Managed File Transfer Vendor Landscape. Read our article about the 2021 Info-Tech MFT Data Quadrant Report for an updated landscape, or download the latest copy.

The Managed File Transfer Landscape

Info-Tech Research Group, an IT research and analysis company, has released a report naming GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution as having the highest Value Score of the MFT vendor group in Server-to-Server and Ad Hoc Enterprise use cases.

GoAnywhere MFT Vendor Landscape Award

Info-Tech Research Group defines a Value Score as an index of "each vendor's product offering and business strength relative to its price point. Vendors that score high offer more bang-for-the-buck (e.g., features, usability, stability) than the average vendor, while the inverse is true for those that score lower."

Info-Tech Research Group released the findings in its report entitled, "Select and Implement a Managed File Transfer Solution," which lays out numerous criteria for designating MFT products and evaluating products in that market niche.

In particular, the report makes the point that "FTP is no longer a viable option" for enterprises with high-volume data transfer needs because of such challenges as difficult installation processes, no file delivery guarantee, limited storage-management options, user-training problems, increased risk, limited visibility, and lack of encryption.

The Evaluation Process

Info-Tech Research Group evaluated different MFT software solutions for such attributes as speed, volume (capacity), security/encryption, and compliance with industry standards and governmental mandates. GoAnywhere received the only 100 out of 100 possible points awarded for Server-to-Server and Ad Hoc Enterprise in Info-Tech Research Group's Managed File Transfer Vendor Landscape.

Info-Tech Research Group's Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace. Assessing vendors by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise, Info-Tech Research Group's Vendor Landscapes pay tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category.

What the Report Had to Say

According to the report, "With enterprise-level controls and rigorous audit logs, GoAnywhere ensures strict security policies and compliance regulations are met, regardless of industry. The product is FIPS 140-2 certified and is compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, and GLBA. Its ability to connect and interface with multiple technologies provides a versatile solution in disparate environments. GoAnywhere's reverse proxy restricts which ports are open on your internal network. This is useful for all high security and regulatory environments."

Info-Tech Managed File Transfer Category Report & Buyer's Guide

What do real end-users say about their managed file transfer (MFT) vendors?

To provide a holistic review of the file transfer landscape, Info-Tech Research Group evaluated the most popular products and vendors in the MFT market.

Download the report to determine which product is right for your organization, or find the right MFT alternative if your current solution isn't meeting your needs.

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