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Still Using Manual Methods for File Transfers? It’s Time to Ditch the Legacy Scripts

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If you’re currently using custom scripts and FTP (File Transfer Protocols) to transfer files, it may be time to search for other options. Finding an FTP replacement is in your best interest. Here are some reasons why.

3 Reasons to Ditch Your FTP Scripts

There are three essential elements that can help you understand why you should ditch your custom scripts and why these scripts could ultimately cost you transfer security and efficiency.

  1. Centralized Management: Centralizing file transfers within a single, easy to access platform increases your visibility, streamlines management capabilities, and enables auditing and reporting without the need for one-off applications.
  2. Security: The clearest benefit of moving away from custom scripts is to better maintain your data security. Specifically, it's important to have encryption in place to guarantee the safety of your data, in motion and at rest. Those are two criteria that you need to address and have a solution for. Encrypting data in this manner ensures that your data reaches the intended user and no one else. FTP custom scripts cannot give you the same protective tools.
  3. Compliance Support: Finally, you want your solution to be regulation compliant. Most people, in some way or another, will be required to pay attention to these regulations (such as HIPAA, PCI SOCs, and GLBA). A lot of this can be handled within an MFT solution, a more robust FTP replacement.

Traditionally, the way to exchange information has been based on plain old FTP, or SSH. These are no longer viable protocols given their inability to meet modern day security requirements. Each company, regardless of size or industry, requires exchanging information with internal and external collaborators so it’s important that you find an FTP replacement that will align your business and IT goals for long-term success.

Why Managed File Transfer

MFT provides one tool that allows you to build and maintain your file transfers securely behind a single pain of glass with full traceability and control.

​Interested in leveling up your file transfer solution?

Start automating your file transfers with a single centralized solution with full compliance support. GoAnywhere MFT offers all-in-one packages to help you build a better IT.

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